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Hi. Welcome. Im so glad you are here

I see you there, sitting there bleary eyed with your cup of coffee, scouring the internet looking for answers on why your little one wont sleep.

You have read all the books, taken the classes and done all the things and yet your babe wont sleep. You haven’t slept in what feels like 10 years and you are not even sure what it feels like to be rested.

Am I right?

Well you can stop your search! I am here to help you find THE solution! As your guide, mentor, cheerleader and confidant.

Let SleepyTime Baby help you enjoy this time with your baby 

When you have tried everything...

When you are so sleep deprived you are in a haze, it can be hard to know what will work.

There are so many routines and so much advice out there, but they don’t take into account YOUR family, YOUR routine and the temperament of your little one.

Rest assured, when you choose to work with Sleepy Time Baby you will get personalised guidance with your family in mind.

There isn’t a one size fits all routine. We will work together with your goals in mind and we will formulate a step by step plan with YOUR family in mind.


Sometimes all you need is someone who can support you through to the other side. The place where you all get to sleep well, where you can reconnect and feel like no matter what, you got this!

Make some small changes today and start to see the difference. Download my top tips to getting a good night's sleep.

Meet Your Sleep Consultant

Joanna McEwan

Hi! Im Jo and I am a mum of three amazing sleepers (now) and I am the owner and founder of Sleepy Time Baby.


It is my mission to help as many parents as possible, to support them and guide them through to a better night’s sleep.


I became sleep obsessed after my oldest daughter was born, she was an unsettled baby that cried. A LOT and didn’t sleep AT ALL! I researched sleep training to help me with my daughter and from there my life changed.


It was only when my son came along that I decided to formalise my skills, knowledge and experience. I completed my Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant Certification and then my Newborn Sleep Certification soon after.


Having worked intensely with families in crisis through Community Organisations, I can tell you that families who are suffering from chronic sleeplessness are in crisis.


 I know the toll sleeplessness can take on your mental health, the connection with your baby and on your relationship.


It doesn’t have to be that way!


Allow me guide you back to bed, where you can all rest peacefully.


In my 10 years experience working as a Case Manager and support worker I have seen any and heard every situation, so you can be rest assured, that when you work with Sleepy Time Baby you are benefiting from all of that experience.

If you need extra assistance, I can not only refer you to the help you need but also make sure it’s the most relevant referral for your family.

Taking the leap to tackle sleep problems can feel really scary, but if you choose to work with Sleepy Time Baby you will have an expert by your side, cheering you on and making sure you succeed.


I cant wait to hear from you x


Certified Sleep Consultant

Current Whooping Cough Vaccination

Blue Card (working with Children Check)



Families We Have Helped

Testimonials and Success Stories


“We cook dinner again together”

Ashton woke frequently, he went down okay but then woke up often during the night. He then started having trouble going down, only falling asleep on us or in our bed. After a really rough week of not sleeping we decided it was time to get some help. We needed our bed and sleep back!


Initially we were nervous, we had heard about a sleep training method that involved ‘crying it out’, but Joanna and her methods are really gentle. We spoke with Joanna over the phone. She then met with our family and understood our situation, she then developed a plan for us and we purchased an additional three weeks of phone support. 


We gave ourselves a week to implement the sleep plan, but it was stupid fast. The first night it took us 90 minutes to settle Ashton, the second night 30 minutes and on the third night 15 minutes.


We cannot thank Joanna enough, she has given us our life back. We can now cook dinner together, debrief our day and have a glass wine. A simple ritual that we couldn’t as Ashton was awake. Life is that much easier when you can sleep well and connect again with your partner. Thank you SleepyTime Baby. 

Bianca, Andrew and Baby Ashton


Joanna is an absolute lifesaver! My little man was waking up 3 or 4 times during the morning hours and I was shattered beyond belief. I reached out to Joanna and after only 1 week of Joanna's help and guidance, he sleeps through the night. Thank you so much.


Joanna is absolutely amazing, I had a free 15min phone consult and she gave me some really great simple steps to follow. The frist night my son slept for  7 hours straight and every night he has been sleeping longer. His day sleeps have improved I am so thankful Joanna makes you feel confident to follow through with the steps Thank you so much for getting my sleep back.

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SleepyTime Baby is an advocate for Gentle Sleeping Methods and also helps families who want to practice Co-Sleeping. Shown below are our packages based on age. 


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